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The exchange of things between accounts is available immediately.
The account was registered from a unique device, a unique IP address and a unique phone number.
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Account currency: Tenge (₸)
To work on the trading platform, add friends, you need to replenish the balance by $5.
After replenishment, the trading platform will work in 7 days
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⭐️ Q&A ⭐️

(1) Do I need to use a VPN?
💡No, these accounts don´t need a VPN

(2) Can I link (Family Library Sharing) my Steam account to my Kazakhstan Steam account?
💡Yes. If you have an existing account, you can link it to your Kazakhstani Steam account. All games on both accounts will be available without switching accounts.

(3) How to deposit money on Steam?
💡Kazakh bank card
💡Steam Wallet Card with activation support in Kazakhstan.
💡After $5 deposit, you can buy Steam items on third-party sites, for example "TF2 keys" and sell them on the Market
💡🔴Kazakhstani account cannot be funded via PayPal!


05.10.2022 3:24:46
All excellent, very good treatment.
11.08.2022 20:40:26
Аккаунт рабочий. Всё отлично!
07.04.2022 15:31:59
24.02.2022 21:22:09
all good
07.01.2022 0:10:56
Worked great. Easy as it could be, really. Thanks.
26.12.2021 13:56:46
Good seller!
08.12.2021 1:16:58
Great, thanks
06.11.2021 3:58:10
Works Great. Thanks
13.09.2021 15:06:01
Fast and easy to understand, Like.
27.06.2021 15:06:12
Amazing, thank you