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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

$1 the discount is 5%
$10 the discount is 10%
$50 the discount is 15%
$100 the discount is 20%
$150 the discount is 25%
🌎 Activation region - EUROPE / USA. (NOT RUSSIA and CIS)⚡ Immediately after payment for the goods you will receive XBOX GAME PASS ULTIMATE 7 XBOX LIVE GOLD EA PLAY for 7 days
The key will be displayed immediately after payment, and it will also come to your mail.
This code can be redeemed both on a new account and on your existing account. You can sum these codes (for example, activate 3 codes and get 21 days)
You must not have an active GOLD / Xbox Game Pass subscription, OR YOU WON´T BE ABLE TO ACTIVATE THE KEY.
The code must be activated before 08/09/21. It must be activated immediately after purchase, as we are responsible for ensuring that the code works upon purchase (and not after a month or two).✅ The Ultimate Subscription includes:
🔹 Xbox Game Pass 7-day subscription for Xbox One consoles
🔹 Xbox Game Pass 7 days subscription for PC (Win 10)
🔹 Xbox Live Gold 7 Day Subscription for Xbox One and Xbox 360
🔹 7 Day EA Play Subscription for Xbox One, Series X | S/attentionattentiondeliveryHOW TO ACTIVATE?
1) Log into your old personal account or create a new one on by selecting a country from the USA \ Europe (for example, Germany, Poland).
2) If the account is old and the country is Russia, then on the page, change the country to USA \ Europe (for example, Germany, Poland).
3) We are waiting for a few hours to change the country in the profile, or we are logging out of the account on two sites and, waiting for the country of the profile to change.
4) Make sure that the country has changed on the page (it will be seen in brackets) and then enter the 25-digit code received from us, if the code is active, you will be prompted to go to the next step.
5) To activate the keys, it is necessary that one of the payment methods be bound (you need to specify the correct index which corresponds to the country) - card or PayPal, with the second one noticed fewer problems during activation. In this case, the payment will not be charged from you.
6) If everything went well, then at you will see an increase in the validity of your GAME PASS subscription/delivery/attention


17.01.2021 11:42:16
Нет там продления, просто код на 7 дней не покупайтие. Коментарий продавца не по теме. Не покупайте это.
15.01.2021 22:08:54
working sorry for disturbing
15.01.2021 15:07:39
ужасно, так и не активировал товар, никому не советую продавца
14.01.2021 23:02:00
14.01.2021 23:00:55
14.01.2021 22:59:47
14.01.2021 22:57:55
14.01.2021 16:48:46
Не работает
13.01.2021 19:44:16
Всё хорошо.
13.01.2021 12:31:38