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⭐️ Tired of playing with cheaters without prime and buying stolen accounts ?? Then you are at the address 😎🚀✌

⭐️After payment, you instantly get a 100% working account with the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game and activated Prime status

⭐️ Full access, you can change your password / mail, bind your phone, enable guard and authenticator 👌 PLEASANT for YOU 👌

⭐️ Sample account: (inventory and hours may vary)

🚩 It is not necessary to record the moment of purchase and logging on to the video. Since we will always help you and understand if there is any misunderstanding. Help occurs by logging into the account that you purchased from us and checking it (games you played, mail)

🚩 What difficulties may arise and how to eliminate them:

🤷‍♂️ The account that you purchased from us does not have Prime status- ✔️solution- to replace the account by returning the old one and sending you a new one
account (so far there have been no such cases😁)

🤷‍♂️ Account cheats and third-party programs have never been used. You can get VAC blocking only if you used it on
account cheats or on a computer or gave an account to third parties.

🤷‍♂️ Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that after buying an account from us, you will be taken to NAVI 😉
But we believe in YOU and really hope so это

✔️ Unlike other stores, we do not say that the account may also have other games and so on (which means that the account is most likely
stolen). We only create CS GO with Prime status.

✔️ Access via

✔️In the mail there are letters from Steam confirming that it was on this address that an account was created !!!

✔️ Instant delivery

✔️ Get login: password from the account and login: password from the first mail

✔️ There are no VAC and CT locks on the account

✔️ No cheats were used on the account

✔️ All accounts are personal - no fraud

✔️ Accounts created for sale

✔️ Account will never be restored

✔️ 21 private ranks (sometimes higher)

✔️ 10+ skins / boxes / graffiti

✔️ Vertigo boost was used

✔️ Phone number is not linked

✔️ 0 - 9 Wins on account

✔️ Prime obtained by playing up to rank 21

✔️ The trust factor can be any: low, medium, high (randomly)

✔️ Access to FACEIT Registration

☑️ Mail on a custom domain, example: @, @, @, @, @
Access via The mailbox is empty
☑️To access TP Steam and add friends, you need
additionally top up $ 5 to your account
☑️Stim Guard - disabled
☑️Stim Level - 0

🟢 Do not transfer your account to third parties, Steam may consider this a fraud and restrict access to some functions (excerpt from Steam rules)
🟢 If you have any questions, write to me, I will definitely help

⭐️ The number of accounts is limited

⭐️ The price of accounts will rise

Please do not forget to leave a review, this is important
✔️ Why buy from us:

⭐️ Always on the client side. The client is always right😜 (except when he himself breaks the rules: using cheats, fraud)

⭐️ 2000+ Sales on all sites

⭐️ 200+ Positive Feedback

⭐️ We have been working since 2018

⭐️ After sales support

⭐️ We value your feedback and do not remove negative reviews


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Working Good :)
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Отличный продавец!Удачи тебе!
15.04.2021 15:20:57
Good seller
15.04.2021 15:20:43
Good seller
13.04.2021 14:37:00
Отличный аккаунт советую продавца всё как в описании
12.04.2021 10:15:49
12.04.2021 4:03:52
12.04.2021 1:50:55
Все отлично, все данные верны. Надеюсь, аккаунт пройдет проверку временем
11.04.2021 15:38:42
Good saller , responds quickly !
09.04.2021 16:02:36
Все работает, продавец красава