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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

$5 the discount is 5%
Account Currency: Turkish lira (TL)
Account is limited.
To access the community market, you need to replenish the balance by $5
More details: payment you will receive:
Login and password for Steam account.
Login and password for original email.Access to email: SteamLogin:SteamPassword:Email:password

(1) Can I link (Family Library Sharing) my original Steam account with the Turkish Steam Account?
💡Yes. If buyer have an existing account, they can linked it with the Turkish Steam account. All the games in both account will be accessible without switching account.

(2) How to topup Steam Money?
💡You can buy any Steam Wallet Card. The funds will be converted to the Turkish lira (TL).
💡🔴For the first topup, do not use Digital Gift Cards (those that can be bought on the Steam). This will change the account currency


14.05.2021 16:36:02
works perfectly thank you