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The current list of bonuses in games that you can get by purchasing an account with Amazon Prime from me:

ATTENTION! ❗ Sets again can come with a delay of up to 24 hours, as it was before! It is connected with the load on the servers from the fan-mode going right now.

If you have not received a set within 24 hours, please read the FAQ and contact WOT support

On your account you can get a bonus for any game except Ghostrunner и STAR WARS: Squadrons

Also, after purchasing the product, you get EMAIL ACCESS !!!

❗ After payment, you will instantly receive an Amazon account with an active Prime Gaming status in your mail. Thanks to the Prime Gaming status, you will be able to get loot in games that are eligible for the Prime Gaming promotion.
❗ Prime subscription will work for 3-30 days, please keep this in mind before purchasing!
❗ Activate the bonuses you need immediately after purchase!
❗ From set # 31 "High voltage" you will receive:

✔After paying for the goods, you will INSTANTLY get an Amazon account and a twitch account (Region Free / no regional restrictions)
✔You will be redirected to the page with the login password from your Amazon account and your twitch account after payment by email.
✔ The account will be in the form of LOGIN: PASSWORD
✔ Rewards must be activated immediately after receiving an account
✔ We kindly ask you not to leave negative feedback before contacting the seller, Thank you for your understanding/delivery
✔Activation World of Tanks.
Step 1 Follow the link: and enter your personal account
Step 2. On the right, click on the "Amazon" button (DO NOT Confuse With Twich)
Step 3 On the page that opens, enter the received username and password
Step 4 Done, restart the game, choose rewards (2 of 6)

❗The sets can again come with a delay of up to 24 hours, as it was before! It is connected with the load on the servers from the fan-mode going right now.

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27.10.2021 10:59:36
Все сделал по инструкции и по видео ролику, бонусы в игре так и не получил.
Продавец ответил один раз, и после молчит уже 2 дня.
Не рекомендую к покупке у него. Ценник небольшой и ответственности никакой.
16.10.2021 15:14:51
Все отлично
16.10.2021 12:06:51
Все хорошо
16.10.2021 8:14:48
Всё нормально. Разве что на сайте нажать Claim ещё нужно было, об этом в инструкции не написано.
14.10.2021 18:26:30
купил все найс
14.10.2021 13:43:22
13.10.2021 16:02:46
13.10.2021 16:01:47
13.10.2021 16:01:43
13.10.2021 13:56:55
Все плюшки получил. Продавец быстро отвечает на вопросы.