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You buy a STEAM account with the game Valheim.

- After the purchase, you will be given a username and password from the steam account.
- After installation, you can play online.
- Mail and password can not be changed. (your account remains forever)

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1. Download the Steam client from the official site and install.
2. Install and run the game

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01.03.2021 22:14:29
i´ve submitted in total 4 requests to get the steam guard removed, still nothing, i´ve been waiting 72 hours.

edit: fixed, thanks, works now :D
01.03.2021 13:56:06
26.02.2021 20:40:27
Good support, fixed steam guard quickly after contacting, i recommend
25.02.2021 23:25:59
good seller
25.02.2021 16:37:11
Edit: Problem solved, everything is okay.
24.02.2021 21:26:31
fast response and good communication.
24.02.2021 19:09:38
Был небольшой моментик, но поддержка ответила и помогла. Рекомендую)
24.02.2021 10:44:08
Connexion OK, Login/psw provided instant ++++++++
24.02.2021 3:49:30
Issue resolved once again
23.02.2021 19:04:41
Были проблемы с аккаунтом в стиме, сделали замену, всё решили без споров.