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< delivery > Leave positive feedback with the text "I want a bonus" and you will receive an additional 7 or 14 days of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription </delivery >

< delivery > After you pay, you receive a unique code that you need to tell the seller through personal correspondence.
Also, after you pay, you need to provide your XBOX LIVE account LOGIN/PASSWORD (in personal correspondence with sellers to the order) </attention >

After receiving the data, your account is subscribed to XBOX GAME PASS ULTIMATE for 12-13 months.
If your account previously had an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, you get 12 MONTHS of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. (+ 7 days)

Guaranteed subscription time 12 months + 7 days

< attention > SUBSCRIPTION ACTIVATION IS POSSIBLE IN ANY CTPAHE!🔥🌍IMPORTANT! At the time of activation of this subscription, your account must NOT have ACTIVE SUBSCRIPTIONS, you will only be able to activate after they have ended.

At the time of activation, it is impossible to log in to the account, it is better not to turn on the console at all.

< delivery > In the event of a late payment, your account cannot subscribe until the delay has been paid. (We recommend that you turn off periodic billing in advance)
If it is not possible to subscribe to your account for this reason or any other, then the best solution will be to subscribe to the new account and connect through the "home console" feature (Subscription will work on your primary account)
To do this, logic both accounts to the console and on both we tick "home console" in the settings of "Personalization" </delivery >
Additional information
✅ Ultimate subscription includes:
- Xbox Game Pass Subscription for Xbox One Consoles
- Xbox Game Pass Subscription for PC (Win 10)
- Xbox Live Gold Subscription for Xbox One and Xbox 360
- EA Play

Activation is carried out within 20 minutes - 4 hours, most often I begin to execute immediately after the receipt of the order. (you can write to me in any messenger convenient for you)

If you order additional subscription time, the run time will be longer.

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28.07.2021 18:21:07
Быстро и четко!!! Большое спасибо
25.07.2021 19:37:44
Все отлично, от оплаты до получения подписки считанные минуты, все понравилось, рекомендую!
21.07.2021 3:04:40
20.07.2021 1:01:38
Продавец красавчик,
19.07.2021 16:32:24
Good service. Very fast response. Definately will repeat again
19.07.2021 14:22:09
Все ок, активировали в течение получаса.
19.07.2021 13:54:51
Fastest service
18.07.2021 10:19:36
Хороший продавец, советую.
18.07.2021 10:12:17
Хороший продавец, все быстро и качественно.
13.07.2021 14:06:38