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Gas Guzzlers Extreme is a dynamic, furious, aggressive racing action equipped with the latest weapons! Plunge into the world of extreme racing in this incredibly addictive survival race that will make your blood boil in your veins. Tons of cars, weapons, upgrades, bonuses and tracks. Gas Guzzlers Extreme is a new evolution in the genre, thanks to the addition of fierce team battles.

You start your journey on an old freak, gradually work your way up to powerful cars, earning money in a series of adrenaline races and arena battles. New game modes, tracks and cars are unlocked as you progress through the game. In the process of developing fighting and driving skills, you can spend your blood-earned and then money on customizing the appearance of your car in order to show your belonging to any clan, or on pumping your car on your way to glory!

⭐ Game features:
✔️ The quintessential survival race genre, providing a single player campaign with 12 hours of gameplay.
✔️ Adrenaline-pumping online championships in 7 different modes (classic race, power race, survival race, elimination race, death match, last standing and capture the flag); up to four teams simultaneously taking part in the race.
✔️ More than 560 kilometers of roads laid across 40 tracks, 8 arenas, in 7 different locations around the world.
✔️ 12 unique weapons, bonuses and power-ups.
✔️ 18 customizable cars (over 12 upgrades, color change, wheels, stickers, etc.).
✔️ Trails with many forks and sponsored races.
✔️ A fast game with bots that other players can connect to at any time.
✔️ Beautiful high definition visuals, motion blur and custom car coloring options.
✔️ Full support for controller feedback as well as keyboard, joystick, gamepad and computer steering wheel.
✔️ A lot of unique humor.
📝 Instructions for activating a key in the Steam service:1. Launch Steam.
2. Log in to your account or create a new one.
3. In the top menu of the Steam window, select the menu item "Games" -> "Activate via Steam"
4. Accept the terms of the agreement and enter the received key
5. Follow the instructions to install the game/attention✍ Thank you for the positive feedback!


11.12.2021 18:37:48
ключ рабочий, получил быстро, отличный продавец - рекомендую!
09.09.2021 14:18:21
13.08.2021 20:06:09
Все в порядке.
02.06.2021 20:39:36
Key works