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$100 the discount is 1%
$1000 the discount is 2%
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$10000 the discount is 7%
After payment, you will receive an NHL 23 Standard Edition code for XBOX Series X|S

Platforms - XBOX Series X|S
- To activate the key, you need a VPN with a connection to the region specified in the instructions 🌏 ⚠️ (You can activate the key on your Microsoft account, you don’t need to start a new one)!⚠️
- After activating the game WITHOUT REGIONAL RESTRICTIONS
- Games are permanently associated with your Microsoft account
- You will be able to download games in any region and at any time, with all available languages


EA SPORTS™ NHL 23, all together more. Gather the world´s best players into a single roster featuring mixed women´s and men´s teams added to the HUT. With the advent of cross-platform matchmaking on the same-generation platform scheduled for November 2022, WOC will have a deeper player pool, shorter latency, and more teams your squad can face. Also add over 500 new last-chance puck movement animations to your core moves, allowing you to control how the game unfolds after contact at any level, from tripping passes to desperate ice shots. On the other hand, updated strategy systems make it easy to plan your game and fine-tune your game-building skills. Gather your friends and get ready for the most dynamic, interconnected and visually rich version of Chel to date.

This game includes additional in-game virtual currency purchases that can be used to obtain in-game virtual items, including randomly selected in-game items.

Conditions and restrictions apply. For details Check his address.
Activation instruction from a phone with mobile Internet enabled (VPN not needed)

1. Click on the link
2. Log in to your account.
3. Click Redeem Code.

Phone Activation Instruction (VPN)

1. Download the Hola Free VPN Proxy app
2. Start it, select a browser and download from TURKEY
3. Click on the link
4. Log in to your account ✅
5. Activate the key

PC Computer Activation Instruction

1. Install the Hola Free VPN Proxy extension
2. Click on the link
3. Log in to your account ✅
4. Enable Hola and select a connection from TURKEY
5. Enter key, click next to confirm activation


13.01.2023 23:01:58
Спасибо. Все отлично активировалось. Без проблем. Регион обязательно менять в профиле.
09.01.2023 21:27:32
Все коды рабочие, если что то не ясно продавец выходит на связь после оставленного обращения , с подробной инструкцией , главное не забывать не только использовать VPN на указанную.страну товара но и менять регион аккаунта своей учётной записи при регистрации кода на туже страну .
26.12.2022 18:42:42
Спасибо, всё получил.
06.04.2021 21:34:03
Купил, активировал! Все супер, спасибо!