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⭐ Accounts has RANK gold nova 3 or gold nova 4.
⭐ Accounts is personal. Registred by myself special for sale and no one will restore it
⭐ No cheats used. Accounts does NOT have any VAC or trade bans
⭐ FACEIT is not registred. You can register it by your own but you will may need to get some hours in game before play (Faceit needs 40+).
⭐ Trust factor can be anything.

✔️ 25+ hours
✔️ 10+ skins / boxes / graffiti up to $10
✔️ Vertigo boost was used
✔️ Accounts are limited (it means you need top up 5$ on account if you want to use steam trade market)

❤️ After payment you will instantly get a 100% working account with the CS:GO Prime status and first account e-mail data
❤️ 5% Bonus for positive feedback
❤️ Full access, you can change password / mail, bind your phone

☑️ Good mail domains - and Steam will never block for this.

❤️ Feel free to ask any questions before and after your purchase. I am online for 16 hours every day.
Full acc details:
⭐Account has Prime Status and GN3 or GN4 matchmaking rank 5vs5
⭐25+ hours in game
⭐ is not registred
⭐You will receive all data from your account.
⭐Region Free
⭐Wallet replenishment has not been made on the account.
⭐All accounts are personal no one and not when, under any pretext, they will not be restored.

❤️ Fast delivery and good technical support
❤️ Big experience in selling accounts


23.04.2021 19:50:00
все отлично, пароли подошли! прайм есть, жаль инвентарь не о чем =)