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1) !!!Only for RUSSIA accounts! Only activation from the Russian ip, there will be no refund, who will buy it by mistake!!!! Do not use browsers like opera with a vpn when activating it
2) At the time of activation, you should not have any active subscriptions.

After payment, you will receive a promo code for 1 month - you can use it on the old account and on the new one.
3) ABSOLUTELY!!! After purchase - activate immediately ( maximum within 10 minutes ), you do not need to collect and save. ( otherwise, there will be no claims about non-working goods )
If you are from another country, then you do not need to buy the product, or buy at your own risk, there will be no refund, if you use a Vpn, this does not give any guarantees.

Tinder Gold

When you sign up for Tinder Gold, you will get access to the following premium features:

Find out who liked you before you like or miss them.

"Unlimited likes" (in the free version of Tinder, the number of likes is limited)


The "Rewind" function allows you to "rewind" the last action ("Like" or " Dislike»)

"5 super likes per day»

Do you want to show sympathy for your potential couple? When a regular like is not enough, click on the blue one


03.06.2021 18:11:03
Not receiving sms with code to login. Purchased twice
26.05.2021 18:53:23
Все сработало, спасибо
21.05.2021 20:30:11
отлично работает.
20.05.2021 9:52:57
Все работает:) спасибо 😉
16.05.2021 19:55:00
I have tinder plus already. When I try to activate this item for tinder gold, it says me "you already have subscribed. But I have only plus not gold
13.05.2021 13:40:59
Все сработало!
07.05.2021 21:02:15
Все отлично, на старый аккаунт активировалось
06.05.2021 0:13:16
Спасибо большое продавцу. Покупаю код не первый раз. Каждый раз всё отлично. Советую!!
29.04.2021 22:35:29
Отлично купил, 4 промо
Жду скидку)
28.04.2021 19:04:52