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Intensive development of gardening and horticultural associations in our country has revived interest in the construction of cellars and glaciers, which have been used successfully in the recent past to store agricultural products.

And this attitude to the traditional cellars and glaciers is justified, although at one time it seemed that their days are numbered and they are about to be superseded by a comfortable, compact refrigerator.

Judge for yourself - in the cellar with a good waterproofing and skillfully selected ventilation securely maintained a constant temperature and humidity conditions, ie favorable storage conditions, resulting in a long time, they do not spoil, do not dry out and do not lose their inherent taste and smell.

Always the master-craftsmen who know how to build a Mighty cellar, enjoyed great respect among the people along with the masters and Kolodeznikov Pechnikov.

In home gardens are usually built traditional cellar permitted building codes (SNIP), made of brick, concrete, timber and simply excavation, which build on forces to any gardener.

At issue are proposals and recommendations on the main types of device cellars, but the main purpose of these proposals and recommendations - to serve as a basis for creativity in each case. Also here you will find a lot of theoretical and practical tips for painting and waterproofing of structures, protection against flooding groundwater, etc..

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