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30 days warranty

After purchasing you get:
• Minecraft game account without a secret question!
• Login and password

Benefits of a licensed premium account:
• Ability to change the skin (this is how the player will look)
• Possibility to change nickname (once every three months)
• Ability to play on Premium servers (there are very few of them)
• Ability to play on MineZ servers (
• Premium is needed in order to get the full licensed version of Minecraft (
• At death the inventory is not emptied
• At the entrance to the server there is no inscription "Try in 3 seconds"
• Ability to log into the server, even if it is full

Product rules:
• You will NOT have the opportunity to CHANGE EMAIL or PASSWORD from your account.
• Access to the Hypixel server is not guaranteed!
• Any changes to your account data are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN! The guarantee for changing the password and mail does not apply.
• We DO NOT provide a refund for the purchased item, only replacement in case of non-functioning.
• Warranty for purchased goods 30 days.
✖ If you do not agree with the terms, please do not buy this product!
✔ Play exclusively through the official launcher. The warranty does not apply to other launchers!

Those. Support: 24/7 ✔
─ Having problems with your account?
─ Do you have any questions regarding the product?
─ Just want to chat? 😊
❌ Do not leave negative feedback until the problem with the product is resolved!

In connection with the large influx of freebie and deception lovers, we warn you - the one who leaves a negative review about the purchase without first contacting the seller will IMMEDIATELY receive a BAN and a BAN on further purchases, no matter how your problem is solved, and it does not matter who is right and who not.
Due to the increasing incidence of fraudulent attempts on the part of buyers, I STRONGLY recommend that you record a video from the moment you purchase the product until the moment it is activated!
In the absence of this video on the part of the buyer, CLAIMS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED!


03.10.2021 0:05:43
Seller is perfect this platform because he is very handsome
30.05.2021 13:39:05
Всё работает! Спасибо 😄