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You buy a shared XBOX account with the game.

- After the purchase, you will be given a login and password from the xbox account, after installation it is possible to play only in offline mode.
- The account is unlimited, the mail and password cannot be changed. (the account remains yours forever)

- Please leave your positive feedback after a successful purchase of the account
⭐️ You will acquire personal accounts registered in a legal way!
⭐️ Detailed instructions for activating your account, which will take you no more than 2 minutes!

✅ Licensed accounts, they will never be restored or hacked;
✅ Lifetime warranty includes ongoing support;
✅ Compares favorably with buying a game from the Microsoft Store.
✅ Ability to play on the day the game is released;
✅ You will receive all game updates at the time of their release;
✅ The gameplay will be saved on your personal account.

🎮 Installing games on the XBOX ONE console:
- Go to the purchased profile, click "Login"
- Click "Add new user", enter the purchased data (login and password)
- Login and security parameters - set "no restrictions"
- We go to "My games and applications" or in "XBOX Store"
- Scroll to the right, find the purchased game and install it.
- Play strictly according to the instructions below

The purchased profile is not deleted

🔴 First way:
After receiving data from the account, we enter the purchased account with the game and immediately switch to our main account. We enter the game. If you see the sign “Logged in somewhere else”, you can continue to play from 20 minutes to 1 hour (always in different ways). After that, a window will appear that you will need to re-enter the account from which the game was purchased. We do not close this window, but again enter the account with the purchased game using the central Guide button, then switch to our own and continue playing from the same place where we left off.

🔴 Second Method:
After receiving data from the account, enter the purchased account with the game, then switch to your own and start the game. Disconnect from the Internet (settings - network - network settings - disconnect from the network) and play without problems.
The second option is suitable for games with a single player campaign. After connecting to the network, the achievements earned in Offline will open.

🔴 Important information:
🔴 Internet connection is required to run the game
🔴 Changing your password and any account data is strictly prohibited.
🔴 You are only allowed to play from your Xbox account.
🔴 There is no stable online game, only offline.
🔴All achievements in the game are stored only on your Xbox live account.
🔴Automatic game updates.
🔴Activation of the game only on Xbox One / S / X.
We do not issue activation codes for the game, the game is activated by logging into our account.
🔴Access to your account is provided for 12 months from the date of purchase.
🔴Account can only be used on one Xbox One console.
🔴By purchasing this product, you automatically agree to the terms of use of this product.
After purchasing an account, add a new user on your console.
- Please leave your positive feedback after the successful purchase of your account!


08.05.2021 9:01:52
Good seller
08.05.2021 9:00:18
Продавец предоставил данные аккаунта и код подтверждения, но пришлось ждать день. Ожидание он компенсировал дополнительной игрой на аккаунте. В итоге все работает.
08.05.2021 8:32:24
Superb seller!