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✅Моментальная выдача товара! 100% Гарантия.✅❗️ IMPORTANT❗️
If you are from an Asian country (China), you need a VPN to log in and use your Amazon account (Prime gaming) (Europe, USA)
►如果您来自亚洲国家(中国)以进入和使用您的亚马逊帐户(主要游戏)),您需要一个 vpn(欧洲、美国)
►How to use the data? You will have login information (format - mail:password) available to you. The mail authorization link is
►Prime status will work from 7 to 30 days after purchase.
►After purchase, you will be able to login to amazon, mail - (The login and password of the mail is the same as the amazon account!)
►Our store guarantees you reliability!
Please do not immediately put negative feedback if you have problems with your account. Write to us in Persian - (private message) and we will help you with your problem)
If you happen to get a invalid account, describe your problem and provide proof and soon you will receive your replacement. All of our accounts are checked before they are sold, so the chance that you may have a rogue account is very small. We have seen a lot of customer fraud lately, so we ask all our customers to record a video from the time of purchase to the activation of our product. Videos should not contain any clips, clippings or interruptions. The video is your WARRANTY.✅Support in case of problems or questions: via the website chat!✅
After receiving the account, I recommend taking all the awards immediately! Prime works from 1 to 5 days.
If you immediately purchased an account without a Prime subscription, write to me and I will replace it for you. No need to leave a bad review right away, please.
The account will be in the form of login: password. The data from mail and Amazon are the same.
Connection instructions:
1) Follow the link
2) In the upper right corner, click "Sign in" and enter the purchased data.
3) Log in to the mail / (the password is the same).
4) In the confirmation email, click "Approve or Deny", then click "Approve" in the tab that opens (this item may not be required).
5) Select the game you need and click on Claim.
6) Click on the blue "Claim now" button.
7) Then click on the "Link accounts to use loot" button and link the accounts.
8) Re-enter the game.deliveryattentionWITHOUT THE PROVIDED VIDEO FROM THE TIME OF PURCHASE, THE CLAIM WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED!/attention/delivery
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18.01.2022 5:22:21
it really works. XD
15.01.2022 7:24:17
The seller is very good
15.01.2022 6:30:30
very good。i got twice games。
14.01.2022 14:57:10
good good,不要用小日本的vpn
11.01.2022 17:12:37
10.01.2022 18:20:05
10.01.2022 11:05:19
10.01.2022 7:34:16
The seller has great stuff and can be trusted
09.01.2022 5:56:30
31.12.2021 18:52:45