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The fourth e-book presents a traditional collection of the most interesting materials in my opinion for January.
As a bonus - a great horror thriller!
There is no goal to make money. Therefore, the price for this e-book is quite affordable. I regard your money as sponsorship: as what you like what I do.
The amount received will be spent on improving the quality of the material, going to cultural events, trips, which will then serve as a basis for my subsequent materials.
In this part - my observations, impressions of life, secrets of some medical institutions, current medical news and research.
Thank you for purchasing. Hope I don’t disappoint you. Pathologist "Padolski"
1. Six hours - normal flight or about how we were vaccinated ("chipped"), February 2021
2. What a spider weaves a web (photo)
3. About the right to have a memory for centuries in ancient Sparta
4. Not all viruses are equally harmful: some are very promising in the treatment of previously incurable cancers
5. Kirz boots, grandfather Lenin and wishes of a bright path for me and my boots from my foreman
6. Knitted sweaters for Indian elephants
7.Moscow in pastoral colors in the 50s of the last century (photo)
8. Does Covid Affect Sperm Quality? Experts urge to be wary of new evidence
9. Heroes are not born, they become heroes!
10. Johnson and Johnson Says Their One-Time COVID-19 Vaccine Is 66 Percent Effective
11. Vaccination against covid in a blizzard
12. Another confirmation of the banal idea that "throw behind you to find in front"
13. One of the common methods of cheating customers, used in any shopping center
14. I would like to talk about justified and unjustified risks
15. Gomel, January 30, 2021, the Central Market area - this is the day today
16. Aggressive alien on the roof of one of the abbeys in Scotland
17. About what the rampant computerization of public services leads to
18. "It is possible that death from constipation for Presley is not what he deserves," - probably decided his relatives


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