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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

$1 the discount is 1%
$100 the discount is 2%
$500 the discount is 3%
Minecraft has started migrating accounts from Mojang to Microsoft, you won´t need to do this anymore, you are already buying a Microsoft account. You will have everything the same if you buy the game here All game features remain the same as in Mojang. Play all the same through the same launcher that was.

This purchase will be tantamount to buying an official key that costs 1900r. You will have the same account in Minecraft and all the same features.

For each Minecraft Premium account, a new Russian-language mail was registered, which can be left as secure in advance as possible (bind your phone, connect two-step authentication, change passwords, etc.) or change mail to your own.

Attention! To avoid unscrupulous buyers, the rule is mandatory for everyone:
During the purchase, be sure to record a video of the screen (you can use your phone, the "Fraps" or "Bandicam" program, etc.)
The video should start BEFORE the moment of payment, the video should show the system time on your computer and there should be no freeze frames. The video should be complete, without editing, and the first attempt to log into the account and complete its verification is visible.
A buyer´s complaint about a non-working account will only be considered if the above video is available. Otherwise, the store reserves the right to refuse to provide the buyer with a replacement account.
Skin, nickname and password are changed to
Download the launcher to play
Mail can be changed at


03.12.2022 13:07:45
Найс акк, сразу рабочий вадал
05.10.2022 15:13:55
На продавца вышел по рекомендации, хороший продавец ы случае проблем идет на контакт и быстро решает. так держать! крайне рекомендую.
30.08.2022 17:30:21
26.08.2022 20:49:31
Best at all
13.08.2022 1:20:22
Пока все хорошо.) Спасибо
09.07.2022 21:46:13
Изначально, прислали не рабочий аккаунт, но через сутки со мной связался продавец, да поменял товар на рабочий, а потому - советую.
07.07.2022 1:22:08
Really fast process and answer, everything works well, thanks a lot man!!! <3
27.06.2022 2:12:42
was banned in hypixel but replaced by seller
26.06.2022 17:03:10
Немного напряжено с записью видео если аккаунт будет нерабочем. Мало ли какие данные можно спалить в процессе, а редактировать видео нельзя. Но в целом всё хорошо. Как и было в описание товара.
25.06.2022 1:17:12