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NAME: ENDLESS™ Legend - Guardians
GENRE: RPG, Strategy
Publisher: SEGA
GAME SERIES: Amplitude Studios
RELEASE DATE: Apr 29 2015
STEAM activation -Activation region Russia CIS countries

Undoubtedly, there are beings in the Universe older and more powerful than the Eternals, whose several hundred centuries are only a drop in the ocean of history. But what do we know about them? Perhaps they disappeared without a trace before the arrival of the Eternals, or the Eternals in their heyday were able to pacify them. Now, when the Eternals are gone, will the ancients return, and if they return, what will this return be like?

These ancient giants, children of Auriga herself, have broken free from the shackles that the Eternals have bound them to. Master the legendary power of the Guardians and conquer other empires! Find precious stones (a new type of equipment) - with their help, the Guardians will become stronger, gain new abilities and skills.

Guardian of the Earth, who has the ability to sense everything that moves on or near the planet´s surface. An ancient giant that, when summoned to the battlefield, deals massive area damage, causing an earthquake. He also knows how to repair city fortifications.

Guardian of Water, who hears echoes of the past and the future. You can send him into enemy territory, where he will destroy watchtowers and resource extractors. In battle, Neros can use Tsunami Blast, the damage from which directly depends on the distance to the target.

Guardian of Fire, drawing strength from this primal element. It is able to create a powerful beam of light, which significantly expands the field of view. In battle, Photios uses flames that deal periodic damage to enemies.


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