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Eremin S.K., Izotov B.N., Veselovskaya N.V. - Analysis of drugs
This manual is the first publication in domestic practice devoted to the analysis of narcotic and other intoxicating substances in objects of various origins, mainly in biological objects. The Guidelines consider the key issues of chemical and toxicological analysis of narcotic and other intoxicating substances, describe in detail the stages of sampling and storage of samples, mechanisms of biotransformation, methodology for the selection and use of preliminary and confirmatory research methods, methods of qualitative and quantitative determination are presented. The Guide is based on the author´s methods for the detection and determination of narcotic drugs by methods of immunochemistry, thin-layer, gas, high-performance liquid chromatography, mass spectrometry, etc. The manual is intended for specialists in the field of forensic-chemical, clinical-toxicological, forensic analyzes, employees of research institutes, as well as for teachers and students of medical and pharmaceutical universities.


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