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attentionEdition includes:
1. Guaranteed instant access to closed beta
2. A digital copy of the game for preloading
3. Huge size of stash (10x68 cells)
4. Initially increased reputation with all merchants in the game
5. Unique identifier in the game
6. Free access to all subsequent DLCs (season pass)
7. Additional equipment and resources in the stash:
-Unique secure container (3x3 cells)
-PACA Soft Armor body armor (3 pcs.)
-Cartridges 9x19 PST GZh (500 pcs.)
-Flash grenade "Zarya" (4 pcs.)
- Can of beef (6 pcs.)
-Bottle of water 0.6 l. (4 things.)
-AI-2 first aid kit (5 pcs.)
- Non-sterile bandage (4 pcs.)
-Analgin (4 pcs.)
-Tire (4 pcs.)
-Esmarch harness (4 pcs.)
-Car first aid kit (2 pcs.)
-Fuel canister, expeditionary (1 pc.)
-Gun Mossberg 590A1 12ga (1 pc.)
-12/70 7mm Cartridge (60 pcs.)
-CMS Surgical Kit (2 pcs.)
- Salewa FIRST AID KIT (3 pcs.)
- Tablets antibiotics Augmentin (2 pcs.)
-Army bandage (3 pcs.)
-Ripstop fabric (2 pcs.)
-Fleece fabric (2 pcs.)
-Peltor ComTac 2 headset (2 pcs.)
-Aluminum fracture splint (3 pcs.)
-Syringe with morphine (2 pcs.)
-Metal canister (1 pc.)
-Tactical Tomahawk (1 pc.)
- Unloading chest system Haley Strategic D3CRX (1 pc.)
-Oakley Mechanism Black Backpack (1 pc.)
- Cold Fear Infrared Balaclava (2 pcs.)
-Hemostatic (2 pcs.)
-Preparation Impregnated (2 pcs.)
-Grizzly First Aid Kit
- First aid kit IFAK (3 pcs.)
-500,000 rubles
-1000 dollars
-500 Euro

Depending on the selected faction (USEC / BEAR):
-Knife (ER Bayonet) or Bayonet Product 6X5
-Blackhawk Unloading Chest System! Commando Black (3 pcs.) Or Unloading chest system Triton M43-A (3 pcs.)
-Backpack LBT-8005A Day Pack (3 pcs. Or Backpack Wartech Berkut BB-102 (3 pcs.)
-USEC cap (3 pcs.) Or BEAR cap black (3 pcs.)
-Active Walker´s Razor Digital headphones (2 pcs.) Or Active headphones GSSh-01 (3 pcs.)
-HK MP5 (2 pcs.) Or Submachine gun 19-01 "Vityaz-SN" 9x19 (2 pcs.)
-Standard MP5 9x19 magazine for 20 rounds (8 pcs.) Or Standard PP-19-01 9x19 magazine for 30 rounds (6 pcs.)
-Pistol M9A3 9x19 (3 ​​pcs.) Or Pistol Yarygin MR-443 "Rook" 9x19 (3 ​​pcs.)
-Shop for M9A3 9x19 for 17 rounds (9 pcs.) Or Magazine for MP-443 (9 pcs.)
-Assault rifle Colt M4A1 5.56x45 (2 pcs.) Or Kalashnikov AK-74M 5.45x39 assault rifle (2 pcs.)
-Shop Colt AR-15 5.56x45 STANAG (11 pcs.) Or Magazine 6L23 5.45x39 for AK-74 and compatible for 30 rounds (11 pcs.)
-Grenade M67 (5 pcs.) Or Grenade F-1 (6 pcs.)
-Cartridges 5.56x45 mm M855 (300 pcs.) Or Cartridge 5.45x39 PS (240 pcs.) 90 BP
-Dry rations MRE (4 pcs.) Or Dry rations "Iskra" (4 pcs.)
-Bottle of Dan Jackiel whiskey or Bottle of Tarkovskaya vodka
-Remington M700 7.62x51 sniper rifle (1 pc.) Or SV-98 7.62x54 sniper rifle (1 pc.)
-Fixing 30 mm. "Remington" for mounting sights (1 pc.) Or Mount "Weaver" for mounting a sight 1P69 (1 pc.)
- Optical sight March Tactical 3-24x42 FFP (1 pc.) Or Optical sight KMZ 1P69 3-10x (1 pc.)
-Shop 7.62x51 for M700 for 10 rounds (4 pcs.) Or Polymer magazine 7.62x54R for SV-98 for 10 rounds (4 pcs.)
- Cartridge 7.62x51 mm M80 (40 pcs.) Or Cartridge 7.62x54R LPS GZh (40 pcs.)
-Highcom Trooper TFO bulletproof vest (multicam) (1 pc.) Or Combined arms 6B13 assault bulletproof vest (flora figure) (1 pc.)
-Helmet of the UN contingent in Tarkov (2 pcs.) Or Combined-arms protective helmet 6B47 "Ratnik-BSh" (in a case) (1 pc.)
-Assault rifle DT MDR 5.56x45 (1 pc.) Or RPK-16 5.45x39 light machine gun (1 pc.)
If you are not from Russia or CIS countries:
You will need a russian account to activate it. To activate the key you need to use RU VPN. After activation vpn is not required. The game supports multilang.
*You do all the manipulations with the VPN at your own peril and risk, but usually there are no problems.


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+rep legit fast and easy
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всё нормально активировалось