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Master's thesis on "The development of a technique analytical assessment of bearing life crankshaft and the connecting rod LOWER ROAD DIESEL" + presentation


1 Overview and analysis of the literature on the mechanisms of wear and destruction of the crankshaft bearings and the bottom head of a rod, the working conditions, the impact of structural and operational factors on their longevity

1.1 Wear and destruction of the bearing in operation

1.2 Terms of bearings of the bottom head of a rod and crankshaft

1.3 Effect of structural parameters and operational factors on bearing life

2 Study of the mechanism of normal wear and failure of bearings in conditions of ordinary operation and on stand

2.1. Types of wear and failure of bearings

2.2 Stages wear coat

2.3 Local destruction coat

2.4 Uneven wear on the bearing circumference

2.5 The ratio of liner wear and shaft journal

3 Theoretical foundations of interaction and bearing wear of the bottom head of a rod and crankshaft

3.1 Method of experimental and analytical evaluation mode lubricated plain bearing

3.2 Calculation of bearing wear from exposure to abrasive particles and irregularities on the shaft journal

4 Methods of assessing the durability, resistance to scoring and running-in materials for bearings on modeling devices. The results of an experimental study of wear resistance of materials bearing crankshaft and connecting rod



Appendix A


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