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5. Click on the blue "Claim now" button.
6. Then click on the "Link accounts to use loot" button and link the accounts.
7. Re-enter the game.


18.01.2022 16:18:27
I can claim the game,thanks.
18.01.2022 15:16:32
18.01.2022 13:17:26
18.01.2022 6:28:26
18.01.2022 0:35:38
Всё гуд
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17.01.2022 16:55:45
There was a problem with your request
We cannot find an account with that email address
17.01.2022 16:54:21
17.01.2022 16:12:39
17.01.2022 15:48:21
Very good business to solve my problem in time