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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

$5 the discount is 5%
$10 the discount is 6%
$20 the discount is 7%
$40 the discount is 8%
$60 the discount is 9%
$80 the discount is 10%
INSTANT (24/7) delivery of goods immediately after purchase! 🔥🌎 GLOBAL-can be activated in any region!
You buy a GENERAL account XBOX ONE, Series X | S with the game FORZA HORIZON 5 PREMIUM EDITION to install and run the licensed version of the game
- After the purchase you will be given access from the XBOX ONE, Series X | S account in which the game has already been purchased, after installation it is possible to play only in offline mode
- The account is unlimited, protected, it is impossible to change the mail and password. (the account remains with you forever)
- 1 activation per console
- Reactivation is possible every 3 months
- The item cannot be returned

- Change profile data and transfer them to third parties
- Make profile home
- Change region and protection information
- Install on more than one console, log into the profile from any device other than the console
- IT IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to play from the game profile !!!
-Failure to comply with the rules will lead to denial of service

🤩 Please leave your positive feedback after your successful account purchase!
1. The cost of a shared account is several times cheaper than the price in the Microsoft store (10-20 times)
2. You can complete the game 100%
3. The game can be updated regardless of when the purchase was made
4. All achievements of the game are saved in your personal account


Languages: The language of the game depends on the region of your console
Game Language
1) Interface 2) Voice acting 3) Subtitles

📋 SHORT DESCRIPTION OF INSTALLATION (after purchase you will receive a complete installation manual + video instructions)
Before Buying The Game
1. Make sure the console has enough space to play
2. You need an internet connection to start the game
3. If you don´t have your own account, create it

After The Purchase
1. Go to the game profile
2. Wait for the seller to confirm the entry
3. Load the game from the account and change the account to personal
4. After installation, launch the game from your personal account
5. Correct some settings for offline games
6 Enjoy offline play


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