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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

$10 the discount is 5%
$30 the discount is 10%
The right to use the " Shared Account " , for the purpose of running games , for your personal account , for private home use , without the right to transfer to third parties . Because other buyers use it too, that´s why such a cheap price 😉 We have thousands of satisfied customers 😎

- We have a full online and offline Xbox Series X|S game, Xbox One Screen Time, watch a new video:
- Russian version full
- english version

- Delivery of goods is instant, after payment, at any time of the day or night, your personal account is available on, there are all your purchases, gifts and correspondence with us;
- For the minimum commission, when paying for the goods, we recommend choosing "FREEKASSA" or "ENOT", which is more convenient for you and there is already a payment method, the cost will be much less;

- The funds paid by you are non-refundable;
- Without the Internet, games do not start.

❗ Prohibited: ❗
- Make an account home;
- Any modifications and changes to accounts;
- Game from an account, it only serves to launch and download games from this account;
- Acquisition of gold status and any subscriptions to an account;
- Adding friends to this account;
- Transfer and sale of the account to other persons and to other Xboxes, except for your one Xbox.

🤝 If you have not violated and do not violate any of the points above, then we undertake: 🤝
- Provide a security code to activate your account for 3 months or more from the date of purchase;
- Provide a password, when replacing it, throughout the life of the game account, from the date of purchase;
- We provide assistance, during working hours, from 12 to 20 hours, Moscow time, on weekends, there may be a day off (we are people too 😅);

- We do not give a dishonest lifetime guarantee and eternal access to the account, tk. it´s impossible even for Microsoft, everything ends someday 😢😂 Instead, we give honest, high-quality support and a guarantee for the life of the account 👍 ;
- We have been working on since 2012, and it was we who asked the administration to create a category with Xbox accounts on this trading platform 😎 i.e. you can safely trust us;
- For a positive review, you get a cashback, also after the first purchase, you get a permanent discount, which we increase;

Here you can see all our products , many thanks for your attention 😜😂 and for reading a ton of text
A set of two games, both games are the maximum pre-order editions:


04.06.2022 16:25:33
03.06.2022 14:21:47
Отличный продавец, рекомендую)) во всем помогает))
29.05.2022 20:25:54
21.05.2022 19:54:59
Всё отлично, купил, достаточно быстро скинули инструкцию, жду пока скачается)
10.05.2022 15:20:44
Положительный продавец, всё доходчиво рассказал и помог. Рекомендую.
09.05.2022 19:41:17
Все работает )
25.04.2022 11:58:20
Добросовестный продавец. В течении полугода высылает пароль при его смене. Советую👍
18.04.2022 21:42:37
Отличный продавец. Хорошая поддержка
18.04.2022 10:56:53
Спасибо, продавец отзывчив. Помог настроиться. Обязательно буду рекомендовать и приобретать другие товары
04.04.2022 13:17:38
Продавец красавчик.
Быстро и чётко все)