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The account is "general" , so you may expect problems at launch, be prepared for this when purchasing. Everything is like everyone else, accounts and launch methods are the same for everyone. You do not acquire an account, but the right to use the account, in order to run games for your personal account, for private home use, without the right to transfer to third parties.

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The game will not start without the Internet. If you can´t load your account, then don´t panic, write to us and we will help you quickly, but keep in mind that support works from about 12 noon to 20 pm Moscow time.

After payment, you instantly receive data, a special account with a description and instructions for downloading and launching games from your account , through the purchased account , instructions only russian language . We issue detailed video instructions after payment, if you need them , instructions only russian language .

It is prohibited:
- Make an account home;
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- A game with an account, it serves only to launch and download games from this account;
- Acquisition of gold status and any subscriptions to the account;
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If you have not violated and do not violate any of the points above, then we undertake:
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I issue a launch method that is for offline and online games, after purchase, everything works on it at the time of the sale of the product ) instructions only russian language !

Why you should choose AN Sale Games:
- We do not give a dishonest lifetime guarantee and eternal access to your account, tk. this is impossible even for Microsoft, we do not even know what it is and how it can be given) Instead, we give honest, high-quality support and a guarantee, while each of your purchases from us renews your guarantee, for all past purchases, for a period last purchase. For example, 8 months have passed since the date of purchase, you bought any other product from us and the guarantee for everything again became 3 months for the confirmation code and 12 months for changing the password)
- We have been working at since 2012 and it was we who asked the administration to create a category, with Xbox accounts, on this trading platform;) i.e. you can safely trust us;
- For a positive review, you get cashback, also after the first purchase, you get a permanent discount;

Here you can see all our products, thank you so much for your attention)
Game Bundle for Xbox One, Xbox series X I S:
Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition
GTA 5 Premium Edition
Red dead redemption 2

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition includes:

• Grand Theft Auto III. It all starts in Liberty City. Grand Theft Auto III lets you go wherever you want and do whatever you want. The ruthless criminal world will be yours if you have the courage to conquer it.

• Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Welcome to the 1980s. From a decade of oversized hairstyles and frilly suits in pastel colors, came the story of how one man ascended to the top of the criminal world. Grand Theft Auto is back. Live the story of Tommy Vercetti, full of betrayal, retaliation and the neon lights of a tropical city full of possibilities.

• Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Five years ago, Carl "CJ" Johnson fled Los Santos, a city in the state of San Andreas torn from the inside by corruption, crime and drugs. Now outside the window - the beginning of the 1990s. CJ returned to his native land, but everything is lousy at home: his mother died, brother and sister quarreled, and childhood friends are in trouble. Upon his return, a couple of cops pinned a murder on him, which he did not commit, and now CJ must go on a journey throughout San Andreas to protect his loved ones and establish control over the streets of cities in the state.


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