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You buy a STEAM account with the game Ready or Not.

- After the purchase, you will be given a username and password from the steam account.
- After installation, you can play online.
- Mail and password can not be changed. (your account remains forever)

Please leave a positive review after successful purchase of your account, and get a money certificate!

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For all questions, you can contact those support.
1. Download the Steam client from the official site and install.
2. Install and run the game

Please leave a positive review after a successful account purchase!

Tech support:


16.01.2022 11:37:17
отличный продавец 
Very good seller
16.01.2022 4:48:47
отличный продавец
Very good seller
15.01.2022 18:04:25
А я и забыл про отзыв, крч парняги, покупайте, играю уже третий день все по кайфу
12.01.2022 18:25:48
Get account very Fast and all Works fine
09.01.2022 16:36:50
Good seller i have ready or not for cheap price !
05.01.2022 16:24:52
Купил товар, были небольшие проблемы но их быстро решили. Хороший товар за отличную цену
04.01.2022 3:35:31
Все прекрасно, пароль и логин верные, если что то будет с аккаунтом изменю отзыв.
31.12.2021 6:17:07
Everything worked well; I got the account as soon as I paid. Good seller, I highly recommend.
31.12.2021 2:59:54
Everything is good except that the price is cheap and the answer is slow.
27.12.2021 17:33:59
Been 24 hours since purchase and no one is communicating with me. I need a code to give my PC access but the seller doesn´t respond to my emails or private messages in this website. I will change this review when the seller will contact me.

UPDATE: Seems like when you write a review you get your answer faster, anyways everything is fine now I´m just concerned on why you can´t change account details but they say its your account forever.