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After activation, you get 4 active subscriptions (now they are active until 07.11.2024, but we always renew them!), which are included in the Xbox Game Pass: Ultimate
✅Xbox Game Pass PC
✅Xbox Game Pass (Xbox)
✅Xbox Live Gold
✅ Ea Play
✅ For a small cost, you get the legendary game Halo Infinite to your personal Microsoft Store account with the ability to play online!
✅All game progress is saved on your personal game account!
✅Among the games there are such as Sea of Thieves, Forza Horizon 5, and later S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 (possibly)!
From us you get 🙌 :

✅ The full version of games with Companies and DLC that are coming out or will come out in the future.
✅ Support and lifetime warranty. THE GAMES ARE YOURS FOREVER
✅ Region Free/Global (Can be played in any country)
✅ Instant receipt of goods
✅ 400+ online games and companies that are available in Xbox Game Pass for 3 years and we will continue to extend.

❔❔FAQ❔❔ :

❓ How does activation happen and what is it?
- Activation is simple and lasts a few minutes. We send you instructions and data from our account, you download the game from it to your account and you can play.
❓ Which service can I play through?
-Microsoft Store.
❓What is the guarantee that I will not lose the game from my account?
-Lifetime. In case of problems, please contact us and we will solve them.
❓ Can you deceive me?
- No. The platform on which we sell fully protects your rights and funds, and in case of violation of the rules, we will be sanctioned by the trading platform and the law.


07.05.2022 23:11:50
Все работает, была проблемка на моей стороне, но продавец быстро отвечает, и помог ее решить. Рекомендую и обязательно скину ссылку на продавца друзьям) <3
07.05.2022 10:07:31
все отлично работает!
05.05.2022 21:29:09
Всё супер берите , вы точно не пожалейте потраченных денег 100% )
02.05.2022 23:33:04
Всё работает, всё отлично. Пока не понял а что с играми Electronic Arts, но всё же продавцу огромное спасибо.
02.05.2022 16:01:21
Bought with bitcoin costed a total of around 10-12 USD and got everything as described within an hour of purchase very happy so far :)
22.04.2022 14:03:27
Всё быстро и без проблем)всем советую данного продавца)дай бог ему всех благ в этой жизни!!
21.04.2022 18:28:54
Всё отлично работает. Действительно пожизненный геймпас на собственный аккаунт.
16.04.2022 13:53:30
Все прошло отлично, аккаунт рабочий, продавец общительный, если и покупать то только у него
12.04.2022 11:01:17
Всё работает, спасибо
09.04.2022 19:19:37
Всё отлично работает!