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Battlefield V GLOBAL

All keys are acquired legally!
Here you can purchase Battlefield V for PC. Already after the first purchase you have a discount on all subsequent purchases of our products.
Immediately after payment, you will receive a link to the mail specified during the purchase, by which the license key for activating the game will be available to you.

A gift to EVERY buyer who left positive feedback! Detailed instructions below.

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Activation: ORIGIN
Platform: PC
Language: English
Activation region: GLOBAL

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Battlefield is always a high level of military simulations. Each part brought something original to the series. The Battlefield series has almost always defined the future of shooters. Battlefield V is no exception.
The events of the fifth part unfold in the terrible years of the Second World War. Like in Battlefield 1, the game has a well-designed campaign, which consists of several episodes for different sides of the conflict. For several hours, together with the heroes, you learn the basics of the game, so that after the end of the story, you will plunge headlong into multiplayer.
Battlefield V is first and foremost a multiplayer game. There are many modes waiting for you, including the local "royal battle" - the "Firestorm" mode, as well as the typical capture points, team battle, ground battles and battles in the air. The developers transferred weapons, equipment and equipment as detailed as possible - everything in the game is animated and voiced with high quality.
Battlefield V will delight with a large number of maps for up to 64 players, truly epic battles with vehicles and fantastic graphics at the level of Hollywood action movies of class A. The developers actively develop the game and add new maps, weapons, equipment and parties to the conflict with each free season. Take part in the epic tragedy of the 20th century and change the course of history in Battlefield V.

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18.12.2022 13:15:59
Хотите побаловать себя новой игрой по недорогой цене? Тогда советую вам этого продавца. После покупки ключ пришел моментально на почту. Ключ активировался без всяких проблем.
08.12.2022 18:43:33
Все отлично, сначала по случайности продавец отправил не верный код, но после моего сообщения исправил его. Жду подарок!
19.11.2022 18:36:00
Все пришло СПАСИБО!!!!
15.11.2022 18:02:06
Всё прошло быстро игру активировал всё круто!
12.11.2022 22:10:47
Моментально получил ключ, и получил игру. Всё хорошо. Спасибо!
Хочу подарок =3
10.09.2022 23:01:46
Отличный продавец, ожидания оправдались, товар пришёл моментально, спасибо. Советую продавца !
10.09.2022 12:15:24
Все оперативно пришло
09.09.2022 22:18:19
Только что активировал в Origin, всё прекрасно. Хочу подарок)
09.09.2022 15:00:13
Купил, код в оригин ввел, Игра загружается все ок. Хочу подарок!)
09.09.2022 2:39:58
Код пришёл моментально. Всё работает!