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$2 the discount is 40%
⭐️ Buying this product you get:

▶️⚔️ Cyberpunk 2077 which was bought during the pre-order.
▶️⚔️ Simple instructions for activating the game in STEAM (just log into your STEAM account and go offline).
▶️⚔️ Ability to play offline from my account (the account is given only to activate the game, therefore it is forbidden to change the data, the account itself is shared and at the same time all the saves will be YOURS, they will be stored on your PC).

❤️ Does not interfere with your main Steam account, you can play your games from your account (i.e. you can easily change Steam accounts from mine to yours and back).
❤️ OFFLINE ACTIVATION - the ability to play offline from my PERSONAL account.
❤️ You can be sure that you will completely complete the game.

✔️I give you a login and password from my Steam account, you download it from my account (or separately) and then play offline for an unlimited time (detailed activation instructions are attached).✔️


13.08.2022 22:46:08
все четко! быстро! надежно.
22.06.2022 11:19:31
Отличный продавец! Оперативно отвечает, решает проблемы. Советую