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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

$60 the discount is 1%
$3000 the discount is 5%
To get coins on PC/ PS, you need to link an xbox account to your (

After payment, you receive a unique code that you need to inform the seller in a personal correspondence on the site OPLATA.INFO , as well as PROVIDE A LOGIN (MAIL) And the PASSWORD of your XBOX account in the chat with the seller.

Instruction manual:
1. Enter your email address and password for your Microsoft account.
2. Pay for the service in a convenient way.
3. After payment, specify the received universal code.

Why do we need your XBOX account?
We buy all products in the Microsoft Store, through other regions.

The purchase time of CREDITS is:
From 5 to 15 minutes, it all depends on the queue. If you purchased the product at night, the activation will be carried out the next day! At night, contact by Telegram (from 21 to 00 Moscow time)

The store administration guarantees the security of both your accounts and the quality of the goods being sold.
All products are purchased legally through the official Microsoft Store.
Frequently Asked Questions:
1) Why should I give data from my Xbox account?
Answer: Donat currency is bought from a cheaper region to your account, this is not a code!
2) Do you buy donat from stolen cards?
Answer: No, personal and legal cards are used to receive subscriptions.
3) Can my account be blocked? Is it legal?
Answer: No, regional peculiarities are used to get subscriptions - this is legal, a ban is not possible!


30.03.2023 10:28:24
Всё прошло быстро и оперативно, лучший продавец!:)
29.03.2023 19:59:15
Валюта на месте и БП теперь у меня :3 Спасибо продавцу!
23.03.2023 20:17:38
Все отлично!
15.03.2023 6:50:48
Всё быстро и оперативно! Много раз покупал, рекомендую:)
12.03.2023 19:38:12
Мегаоперативно и удобно 💕
09.03.2023 10:40:35
Оперативно, спасибо
09.03.2023 10:39:48
Все оперативно, инструкции понятны. В общем все отлично!
03.03.2023 21:52:44
продавец супер
01.03.2023 19:33:04
Всё быстро и классно,без обмана,продавцу респект!!
25.02.2023 13:20:58
Отличный сервис, лучший из доступных. Помогут, подскажут. Всем рекомендую!