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📄 After the transaction is successfully completed, we report all instructions to avoid being banned!📄 Change your Steam account to Turkey. 🇹🇷🌐24/7 Service !
⏳Delivered within 5-15 minutes.
🚨We have been providing Steam Region Service for 3 years.
❗If you have recently changed your Steam email address, please do not order this product.
❗Please do not order this product for an account that has not previously spent 5 usd.🚨NEW UPDATE
•It is quite risky to replenish your account balance through (Oldubil), (Ozan), (FUPS) and other banks.
•You can always encounter a ban.
•I recommend using a Steam Gift Card.
✔You can buy it here ; INFORMATION
✔General and Common Questions About VPN
✔You don´t need to use vpn after your account region is TURKEY.
✔Using a vpn will cause you to have nightmares in games, cause you to have ping problems.
✔If there was such a problem, we would not be selling this product.
✔So you don´t need a vpn.📜General İnformation
✔ The region can be changed quarterly.
✔ If you have a new account, the region cannot be changed.
✔ If you have any problems let us know and I will help you quickly.❗ Very important❗
• Send the 16-digit code after the purchase to the chat.
• Send login and password from Steam.
• Wait for a response from the operator.❓Question/Answer❓
🟠 If I change my account to Turkey, will my currency change?
🟢 Currency of your account will be updated as ₺(TL).
🟠 If I already have an account balance, will my account balance be converted at the exchange rate when I change my region to Turkey?
🟢 If you have a balance in your account, this money will be automatically converted to ₺. ( You will not lose any money )
🟠 Is this a risky process, can I be detected by steam?
🟢 If you follow our instructions, you shouldn´t have any problems, and we´ll help you if you run into a problem./delivery/attentionattentiondelivery❗ DISCOUNT ❗
• We add 20% discount to people who buy more than 1 product.
• You just need to give us your e-mail address.
• We give special discounts to dealers!/delivery/attentionattentiondelivery✅ Princeswp is your reliable friend and partner. Over 6000 sales and 1500+ positive reviews.
We promptly solve any problems and help with activation!/delivery/attentionattentiondelivery📄Other products ;
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31.01.2023 21:37:01
Всё красиво сработано <3
31.01.2023 21:24:02
Все сделано в лучшем виде. Дальше только следовать инструкциям
31.01.2023 21:01:16
Очень быстро, советую.
31.01.2023 20:56:07
Быстро и надежно
31.01.2023 20:19:44
Сделали все быстро и без проблем
31.01.2023 19:07:45
Всё сделал быстро, на все интересующие вопросы ответил, рекомендую.
31.01.2023 18:49:43
Быстро не более 5 минут очень быстро, спасибо!
31.01.2023 18:22:13
Все прошло отлично, очень быстро, продавцу спасибо
31.01.2023 17:27:11
Отличный продавец
31.01.2023 16:33:46
Сделали всё быстро, продавца рекомендую.