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Far Cry 4
Watch Dogs Deluxe Edition
Rayman Legends

Instructions for use:

1. WE DEACTIVATE previous devices (sometimes already done) on the PURCHASED ACCOUNT on the website:

(Section Account - Devices - Deactivate All)


2. In the [Users] menu, create (a new user) and log in as a new user.

3. In the [PlayStation®Network] section, select the [Register] item

In the menu that opens, select [USE EXISTING ACCOUNT] exactly it, do not mix it up!

Next, enter the login (example: and password (example: 12345).

4. We enter the Playstation Store and select the option [View downloaded files], a list of content located on the account will open, download everything that interests you in the background,

(you do not need to wait for a complete download) this will automatically activate the console as the main one.

5. We pass to a personal account.

* Account must be used immediately after purchase

* Do not re-enter the purchased account, play only from your personal account

* Do not delete purchased account from PS3

* Do not change any data on the purchased account

* Start playing from your personal account

* You can check the status or cancel the download of data downloaded using (Web browser) or (PlayStation®Store). Select (Download Management) under the (Network) category.

* For 100% guarantee, disconnect your console from the internet after downloading games.

• Upon purchase, it is MANDATORY to shoot a video "from the moment of purchase to the moment of checking the account through the site !!!" if the account is not valid / password change / no deactivation - and you do not have a video - replacement / moneyback does not take place! The account is non-refundable (Replacement only if not valid).

• Please do not leave negative feedback before communicating with the seller.


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