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❗️Fair price, no hidden margins, legally. Immediately after payment, you will receive data (login and password) from a shared account with a licensed game + detailed instructions for launching the game.👉🏻Games on the account: :

– Resident Evil Village Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S
– RESIDENT EVIL 3 Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S
– RESIDENT EVIL 2 Deluxe Edition Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S
– RESIDENT EVIL 7 biohazard Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S
– RESIDENT EVIL 4 Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S
– RESIDENT EVIL 5 Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S
– RESIDENT EVIL 6 Xbox One, Xbox Series X|SSlurpShop is your reliable friend in the world of games. More than 1300 sales and 200+ positive reviews.deliveryattentionPlatform: Xbox One, Xbox Series

🎮 The game is available through a PERSONAL XBOX account
✅ An easy way to start the game
✅ Available ONLINE

Have forbidden: have
⭐️ - Make your account home ;
⭐️- Any modifications and changes to accounts ;
⭐️ - A game from an account, it serves only to launch and download games from this account; in the future, it is planned to replenish accounts.
⭐️ - Purchase of gold status and any account subscriptions ;
⭐️ - Adding friends to this account ;
⭐️- Transfer and sale of the account to other persons and to other Xbox, except for your one xbox

✔️How to add a profile to the Xbox console:

1) Click "Add a new player", enter the data (login and password)
2) You will see a session with the code. Do not close it (the seller will confirm the entry)
3) Next, select:
- Use of your data - "next"
- Help to improve the Xbox - "thank you, no need"
- When sending data to publishers - "next"
- We found the parameters of your last xbox account - "thank you, no need"
- Login and security settings - "No restrictions"
4) Press the center button and go to the menu
​​​​​​​5) My Games and Applications - Library - Own games. Select the game and click "install all"
6) Have a nice game! 🎮

- The Internet is required to start the game
- No additional mail is provided
- The seller is not responsible for system updates to the console, which may lead to changes in the operation of the account

- Enter data on other devices (PC, mobile phone)
- Make the account home in the console settings
- Change the information on the profile
- Transfer data from the account to third parties

For violating these rules, you will lose access to your account without refund of the paid funds./delivery/attention


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