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► The Prime subscription will work FOR UP TO 2 DAYS, activate it IMMEDIATELY AFTER PURCHASE.
► Perform the actions according to the instructions.
❗️ If you encounter an invalid account, please describe your problem and you will receive a replacement in the near future, please be kindly do not write negative feedback before contacting the seller, in most cases your problem will be solved as soon as the seller reads your message. Thanks for understanding.

Dear customers 🔥
🟩 If you have purchased multiple accounts (or you have already purchased accounts before), do this:
▐ Before logging into your account, clear your browser history or use another browser.
▐ If you live in Russia or CIS countries , you will need to use a VPN (Europe or the USA).
▐ If you are from China, you must use VPN (USA or Europe) when activating subscription.

🌎尊敬的客户,付款后,您重新返回Prime Gaming 帐户的登录名和密码的页面-(邮件:密码)

► Prime 订阅最多可使用 7 天,购买后立即激活。
► 根据说明执行操作。

🟩 如果您购买了多个账户(或者您之前已经购买过账户),请执行以下操作:
▐ 在登录您的帐户之前,请清除您的浏览器历史记录或使用其他浏览器。
▐ 如果您居住在俄罗斯或独联体国家,您将需要使用 VPN(欧洲或美国)。
▐ 如果您来自中国,则激活时必须使用 VPN(美国或欧洲)
▐ 如果您来自中国,激活订阅时必须使用 VPN(美国或欧洲)。

1️⃣ 在浏览器中使用隐身模式(Ctrl+Shift+N)!必须这样做,因为存在未获得奖励的风险。
3️⃣ 如果出现要求添加新号码的窗口,请单击“现在不”。
4️⃣ 选择您需要的奖励并点击它。
5️⃣ 转换完成后,点击奖励图标上的“立即领取”。


26.09.2022 8:51:10
Login to the Primegaming shows ´We cannot find an account with that email address´
24.09.2022 14:51:36
24.09.2022 14:51:20
Всё работает
24.09.2022 14:51:00
24.09.2022 14:50:45
24.09.2022 14:50:28
24.09.2022 10:03:31
Repeat purchase,Can I return it
23.09.2022 12:51:29
23.09.2022 12:40:41
23.09.2022 11:39:52
Oh no! We can’t enable Prime Gaming on your account.