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After payment, The Quarry KEY FOR XBOX SERIES X|S will be won.

Title: Quarry
Activation: Microsoft Store
Item Type: Key
Activation region: Turkey (VPN with connection to Turkey is required to activate the key)
Platforms: Xbox Series X|S console

Games are forever associated with your Microsoft account
You can download games in any enterprise and at any time, in all available languages.
🔨 Instructions for activating (using) the product:

1. Install the Hola Free VPN Proxy extension (, Urban VPN or any other VPN.
2. Go to
3. Log in to your account ✅
4. Turn on VPN, set the region to Turkey

*If it doesn´t work with this VPN, you can try others. If it doesn’t work through them either, try activating through EUROPEAN COUNTRIES, for example UK.*

6. Enter the key, click next, confirm activation.
7. Enjoy the game.


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