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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

$0 the discount is 10%
$50 the discount is 20%
⚫️ After payment, you will be redirected to the page with Login:Password(the password is the same as the login) from Prime Gaming account
► Prime subscription will be valid NO MORE THAN 3-7 DAYS, activate the package IMMEDIATELY AFTER PURCHASE.
► Do everything as written in the instructions
⚫️ Please do not leave negative feedback before contacting the seller, in most cases your problem will be solved once the seller reads your message. Thank you for your understanding.💥Premium Supply Pack #5 includes:
► Golden G-Coin Box;
► 10 Contraband Coupons;
► 30 Polymers

💥Premium Supply Pack #6 includes:
► Dash Doberman T-Shirt;
► Silver G-Coin Box;
► 10 Contraband Coupons;
► 30 Polymers;

❗️ Dear customers❗️
🔴 In case of purchasing multiple accounts (or if you have already purchased accounts before), do the following:
🔴 Before logging into your account, please clear your browser cookies or use a different browser.
🔴 If you live in Russia or the CIS countries, you will need to use Europe or USA VPN.
🔴请确保您登录到 而不是 !!!!🔴
🔴If you are from China, you must use a vpn (USA or Europe) when activating

🔴How to collect gifts for PUBG: Battlegrounds? 🔴
►Use incognito mode in the browser (Ctrl+Shift+N in the browser)! This is necessary so that there are no problems later.
►Go to Amazon authorization using this link - and log in using the purchased data. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ARE LOGIN TO and NOT !!!!
►If Amazon shows an error that such mail does not exist, then check if you copied the mail and password correctly (You must copy the mail and password without spaces)
►If you are logged in to, then follow this link -
►Click on "Claim" and link the purchased Amazon account to your PUBG game account/delivery


31.08.2022 20:11:07
very nice! се отлично, прайм работает
25.08.2022 10:58:51
Sellers selling unavailable accounts to defraud customers of money
24.06.2022 3:55:47
very nice!
19.06.2022 10:53:32
18.06.2022 20:12:23
18.06.2022 20:11:33
18.06.2022 20:10:01
Все чётко!
18.06.2022 20:09:22
Полёт нормальный💪
18.06.2022 20:08:23
18.06.2022 20:06:50