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A script to check and collect Old User Coupons (DNV) on your accounts, for this you need accounts that had a successful purchase more than two months ago. Accounts should not require verification, it is advisable to use accounts with a token

"FINGERPRINT:" - For the script to work normally, you need to specify the path to the FINGERPRINT.txt file (it is located in the folder with the script, it contains different browser fingerprints)
"Number of threads:" - The number of threads (the more, the faster the work will be done, but the more it loads your PC)
"Proxy:" - You can add your own proxies. (not necessary)
"Welcomeback (DNV) minimum:" - specify the minimum coupon value to be received.
"Accounts:" - Specify the path to the txt file in which the accounts are located.
"Success:" - Specify a text file where accounts with successfully received coupons will be saved
"Fail:" - Specify a text file where accounts with an error and coupons that do not match the face value will be saved.


23.12.2022 23:21:27