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πŸ’₯To buy PUBG - 2,000 G-Coin (+3,000 Bonus) on your account, immediately after payment, you must provide a unique code, as well as PROVIDE LOGIN (MAIL) AND PASSWORD from your XBOX account in a chat with the seller.
πŸ’₯After logging into your account, the seller will buy donat currency on your account in the amount you specified when purchasing!
If at the time of purchase it turns out that you yourself tried to buy any type of content in the region of the store that does not correspond to your location and you see an error - The region of your card does not match the region of the Microsoft Store, such an account will have time limits that are valid from 7 to 14 days!
You will be asked to wait up to 14 days, after which the restrictions on the purchase will disappear and the purchase of the product will be successful.

Refunds due to time restrictions on your account are not accepted, wait for the expiration of the restrictions and get the product you paid for!


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