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Aliens Versus Predator Classic 2000 includes three single-player campaigns for different participants in the conflict: paratrooper, xenomorph and Predator, each of which will find something to surprise you, as well as the original Alien Versus Predator Gold Edition Survival Mod, presented to the public in the year 2000.
Alien Versus Predator Classic 2000 has been updated to be fully compatible with modern PCs and laptops that support DirectX 9.0c, as well as the Xbox 360 Controller for Windows.
Three of the most dangerous creatures from different parts of the universe will come together in a bloody battle for the most valuable prize: their lives. Choose a side: a cunning paratrooper, a merciless xenomorph, or a stealthy Predator. Fight in tension-filled locations, from dropships and space bases to colonies and spooky mines. Just one mistake will turn you from hunter to prey.
Single Player Features:
Three different campaigns: human, xenomorph and predator
Includes all levels from the AvP Gold Edition and the Millennium Expansion Pack
Survival mode: how long will you last to fight hordes of aliens?
Bonus episodes
Unique equipment for each creature
Crawl walls and ceilings as a XENOMORPH: sneak up and quickly kill your enemy
Sneak invisibility as the deadly PREDATOR using the most advanced weaponry
Get ready to fight as the PARATROOPER and destroy the enemy using motion sensors, grenade launchers, and a flamethrower
Supports Xbox 360 Controller for Windows
Soundtrack from the original Aliens vs Predator
Multiplayer Features
Steam community support in the game
Using Your Steam Community Nickname
Connecting / creating a game takes place in the in-game lobby
Ability to invite a friend from the Steam community to the game
The game will not stop if the user who created the server logs out
Dedicated servers are not supported and are not planned
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