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⏩Huge range of accounts available: Turkey, Kazakhstan, Argentina, USA, Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Poland, Germany, UK, France, Japan, China, Russia, India, Brazil, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Thailand etc. ⏪👍 We will be glad to receive your feedback! Receive 10% cashback in the form of a gift card.⌛⌛ This product is subject to auto-delivery - this means that you will receive your account immediately after a successful payment. ⌛⌛⌛ ⌛ Instant delivery to your email!⌛ ⌛✅Select the account region you need
✅For payment without fees, select Lava (it is selected by default)
✅This account was registered personally by the seller.
✅After purchasing this product, you will be the first owner!
✅There are no game locks or phone connections on your accountAfter payment you will receive data in the form of:
🔸STIM login
🔸STEAM password
🔸MAIL login
🔸MAIL password
🔸Answer to the secret question in the mail (if there is one)/attention/deliverydeliveryattention❗❗Be sure to change your Steam account email and password after purchase❗❗/attention/deliverydeliveryattention❗❗The account is completely new, which means that it has not been replenished and we have a steam limit of $5❗❗/attention/delivery
📌How to change your email to your own?
1. Go to the Steam client, in the Steam menu in the upper left corner, select “Settings” (“Preferences” on Mac computers). In the Account tab, click Change Contact Email.
2. Send a request to the email address of the purchased account and log in
3. Steam support will send an email with a code to the purchased account. Do not close the Steam window until you receive the email.
4. Enter the code into the Steam window and new mail, done!/delivery


23.09.2023 14:09:41
Оперативно и достойно! Спасибо!
21.09.2023 23:34:20
Подарили новый аккаунт. Доволен покупкой! Рекомендую
21.09.2023 16:00:49
Огромное спасибо продавцу, товар пришел моментально и без всяких проблем.
21.09.2023 4:45:55
И представления не было что бывает так быстро четко и хорошо! Спасибо!
18.09.2023 23:51:21
Товар получен моментально. Спасибо!
18.09.2023 20:46:50
Акк получил, всё четко. Надеюсь будет жить
18.09.2023 16:58:25
Быстро и безболезненно
18.09.2023 16:43:47
18.09.2023 12:44:40
Всё отлично, всё работает, спасибо и рекомендую!
17.09.2023 17:57:05
спасибо! всё очень быстро пришло. аккаунт рабочий. почту и пароли поменял без проблем. валюта в магазине тэнге. всё ок.