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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

$100 the discount is 1%
$250 the discount is 2%
🔹 You will be redirected to a page with a login password from Amazon(Prime Gaming) after payment + an email.
🔸 The account will be in the form LOGIN : PASSWORD, or LOGIN (the password will be the same as LOGIN)
🔹 The necessary loot must be activated IMMEDIATELY!
🔸 Account guarantee - 24 hours
No refunds
🔸 If you have any difficulties, questions - write to the seller (private messages on the site, telegram, discord, skype)
🔹 To use an Amazon (Prime Gaming) account in China, you need a VPN (change country to Europe)
🔸 If you do not know how to use, do not want to use VPN - the seller is not responsible (no refund)
🔹 All our accounts are checked before sale. The chance that you will come across an invalid account is extremely small, or used game keys are excluded! You are the first and only owner of the account. Customer fraud has increased, so we ask all of our customers to record videos from the moment of purchase until the moment we activate our product. The video must not contain any cuts, cuts, or interruptions. Video is your GUARANTEES!

PUBG: Premium Supply Pack 7 contains:
🔹 Silver G-Coin Box - 300 G-Coins
🔸 Polymers (polymers) - 30 pieces
🔹 Contraband coupons - 10 pieces
🔸 2 levels of Battle Pass (2 survivor pass level up coupons)
🔹 15 000 BP

⚠️ If you are from an Asian country (China), you need VPN (Europe or USA) to log in and use amazon account (prime gaming)


26.10.2022 8:24:49
21.10.2022 19:03:10
Really rubbish, the account I bought is locked, and I don´t reply to messages,
21.10.2022 16:25:16
13.10.2022 14:09:13
12.10.2022 23:18:09
你好 邮箱验证不了 怎么登陆邮箱验证呀 给个邮箱地址啊