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attention1,000 gold World of Tanks for PC version through a gift from the official Premium store of the game For more gold, click on " " in the field "product quantity" before buying
Server RU/EU
Gold is an in-game currency that allows you to use additional services. For in-game gold, you can:
purchase a premium account;
convert experience earned on vehicles with an elite status into free experience;
train the crew to the level of a tank academy or a front-line aviation regiment or retrain it without losing experience;
purchase premium equipment;
purchase additional slots in the Hangar;
expand the Barracks;
dismantle complex equipment for use on other machines;
change crew documents;
apply camouflage, emblems and inscriptions (WoT) / decorations on the nose (WoWP) to vehicles;
create a clan in World of Tanks;
change your game name.
In addition, if necessary, gold can be converted into loans.

Before buying, enter your name (nickname) in World of Tanks.

After payment within a few hours (during the daytime) you will receive 1,000 gold as a gift.
You need to accept the gift on the website of the official Premium store.

As a bonus, each buyer will be provided with a promotional code for the purchase of a tank premium for 30 days.
To pay with a minimum commission, select the payment method
For any questions, please contact the seller. Operator during daytime online. There may be delays in response up to 30 minutes.


27.01.2023 20:46:25
Все как обычно на 5 баллов.спс продавцу.
21.01.2023 20:40:35
Все быстро качественно СПС.продавец респект.
08.01.2023 16:46:06
быстро и качественно. спасибо
24.12.2022 15:45:19
Всё нормально не кто не кинул я получил Голду на танки EU
16.12.2022 16:20:16
Все пришло , оперативно отреагировал продавец , спасибо
13.12.2022 22:26:25
золотишко пришло
13.12.2022 22:26:01
и даже большие коробки!
09.12.2022 19:26:51
Не в первый раз имею дело. Очень доволен. Всё чётко и быстро.
08.12.2022 18:14:59
всё хорошо
08.12.2022 18:14:33
всё хорошо