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Product Type: Activation Code
🟢Subscription duration: 1 month
🟢Platform: Xbox One, Xbox Series, PC
⚠️Warranty: 5 days from the date of purchase to activate
🌍Activation region: any IP address
🌍Account region: any (except Russia), the code can only be activated in regions ( where the Live service is supported
Activation Account: For new accounts or existing accounts without an active subscription (Check for active subscriptions ). Codes don´t match
Additional information: to activate the code, you must add a payment method to your account (RU card is not suitable)/delivery
✔️ Activate the key, after activation you can change the region back to Russia
✔️Your account may have a previous subscription, but it must be completed (at the time of activation)🎮
✔️ You don´t have an active subscription
✔️ Otherwise you will not be able to activate the code!!!
✔️To activate the code in the CIS countries, before activating the code, be sure to select the country of the Germany or Europe region

Russian cards do not work!
🚩 Activation 🚩
1️⃣ Change account country to Germany after purchase
2️⃣Log in to your Microsoft account (if you are not already logged in)
3️⃣ Paste / enter the 25-digit code received after payment, then click Next / next.
2️⃣ Choose a payment method, enter your card details or PayPal
4️⃣ Double-check that all the data is correct and click Confirm!
Or you can use the link:
5️⃣ After activating the code, you can change the region back to what you need./attention


30.01.2023 11:45:09
16.01.2023 21:31:17
Покупка прошла успешно, продавец активировал все за 5 минут. Буду обращаться в будущем.
31.12.2022 19:13:21
Большое спасибо, помог разобраться с нюансами :3
27.12.2022 0:22:26
21.12.2022 13:46:18
У меня работает второй раз уже на ру карте (tinkoff drive) лол ))00)))))
06.12.2022 23:26:14
06.12.2022 17:50:14
Покупаю 2 раз, все как всегда отлично
22.11.2022 0:00:09
Брал для конвертации в 4 месяца ultimate, всё получилось. Рекомендую!
20.11.2022 2:01:41
Ключ пришёл рабочий, отдельное спасибо продавцу за оказанную помощь!
19.11.2022 14:42:06
Отличный продавец! Я немного накосячил, обвинил его в неработоспособности кода, однако он оперативно ответил, сохраняя терпение, и помог мне.