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Changing your Steam region to Turkey is done by purchasing the game from your Turkish Bank card. No VPN is required after the region change ! Your account currency and balance is automatically converted to Turkish Liras ₺(TL).🎓 HOW DOES IT WORK ?

✅ After payment, you will receive a unique order code. Send it to us in a personal message on the page of the unique code, in the correspondence section. This code is the fact of payment confirmation.
✅ You will receive detailed instructions, make sure you read them !
✅ Provide username and password from your account, also possible authorization by QR code or ask in correspondence to give you the details of the Turkish card to change the region yourself
✅ Enjoy cheap games on your Steam account!

⚡️ If you do not wish to provide your account username and password, please write in correspondence to be provided with a prepaid Turkey card to change your region.attentionIMPORTANT INFORMATION

✅ You can log in to your account immediately after changing your region.
✅ Do not return the purchased game!
✅ The region can be changed once every 3 months.
✅ On new accounts the region cannot be changed.
✅ 1 map = 1 client. A new card for each client.
✅ Card value is 10 ₺(TL).
✅ Do not disable the Steam Guard !
✅ Steam Guard will ask you to confirm login to your account, try to stay connected.
✅ It is necessary to use a VPN Turkey to change the region!
✅ After changing the region you will be able to use Steam without a VPN !
✅ If you live in the Chinese region, add the phone number of Turkey to your Steam account beforehand, otherwise there is a chance of getting a ban or warning. In other countries there are no such problems.
✅ For Ukrainian accounts there may be problems with topups. It is unknown what this is about, but even after changing the region on some accounts it is not possible to recharge.

❤️ Thank you! Please note the other products we sell.</attention
attention📄 OTHER

📌 We have a limited number of personal bank cards!
📌 We 100% guarantee the confidentiality of all data.
📌 Fulfillment is on a first-come, first-served basis, but no more than 24 hours.
📌 Payment is made officially by Turkish bank card
📌 Authorization data is only needed to change the region
📌 The region of your account can be anything, but it will change to Turkey after the update
📌 Don´t try to use the same card twice, your accounts will be blocked.
📌 We are not responsible for any problems that occur in your account.
📌 We will not refund if you have a problem with your account, but we will try to help you.
📌 We will send you the card number with which the purchase was made in case your account is blocked, you can send this data to Steam tech support and you should get your account unblocked.
📌 If you have not had any deposits on your account before, or if you have, but less than $5, refuse the purchase.
📌 If you recently changed your Steam email address, please refuse the purchase.
📌 If restrictions from Steam, payment errors, or other restrictions are detected when trying to change the region, you agree to provide an up-to-date account.
📌 If you paid overnight, the service will be provided to you the next day
📌 If you follow our instructions, you should have no problems and we will help you if you encounter a problem. Buy only if you accept the risks!</attention


31.01.2023 12:58:48
Всё отлично
30.01.2023 17:09:23
все отлично, сменили регион на турцию без проблем, продавца рекомендую
29.01.2023 10:33:50
Всё отлично, советую всем
28.01.2023 21:35:14
Долго ждал пока ответит.А так все нормально впринципе)
28.01.2023 19:49:58
Все ок!
27.01.2023 14:11:08
Всё быстро и без проблем!
26.01.2023 20:03:18
Отличный продавец! услуга оказана без каких-либо проблем!
26.01.2023 16:54:29
Продавец красавец ( всё сделал ) Мне порекомендовал его друг
25.01.2023 21:31:29
Всек отлично изменилось всё
25.01.2023 17:50:22
все отлично