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🔥 7 Days to Die is a sandbox FPS developed by The Fun Pimps Entertainment for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Set in the not-too-distant future in Navezgan, the game aims to try to survive in a brutal and harsh post-apocalyptic world in which a virus turns infected people into zombies in just seven days. 7 Days to Die combines all the best features of the survival horror genre, such as combat, craft, exploration and character development.☣Explore and create
Explore the open map of 7 Days to Die with over 300 unique locations such as cities, forests, deserts and mountains. Find a shelter and turn it into a fortress by building traps against zombies. The game allows you to enter any building you want. Moreover, you can destroy and mold elements of this world to your liking. Surviving in this harsh world would be impossible without useful items that you can collect. You can use them to create new clothes, weapons, tools, vehicles and more!

🤠7 Days to Die allows you to create and customize your character with a variety of clothing and weapons that you can also craft or find on the map. You can also improve your skills with five basic disciplines. The vehicle system allows you to select and upgrade your vehicle, such as the fan-favorite 7 Days to Die gyrocopter. Meet hordes of zombies with unique attacks and experience a realistic survival RPG with over 50 survival mechanics such as starvation, broken bones, hypothermia, infections and more.

💪Finite possibilities.
Survive by gardening and hunting wildlife. Discover treasures hidden on the map and complete quests to earn skill points and rewards. Watch the story unfold depending on your decisions and actions. You can play 7 Days to Die in single-player mode or invite friends over in cooperative mode, where you can build settlements or raid their bases together.✔️Additional information:1️⃣ Activation region: Region Free ( All languages)
2️⃣ Platform: Steam
3️⃣ Type: Digital Key [ Key will be displayed on the screen after payment, as well as delivered to the mail ]/delivery/attention


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