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🔥Why should you buy F1 22?
You love watching F1 championships.
You appreciate games with realistic mechanics.
You are a fan of racing games.

🏎F1 - 22
A new era of Formula 1 racing has arrived! F1 22 is a game created by Codemasters and published by Electronic Arts. The official video game of the FIA Formula 1 World Championship 2022 will allow you to dive into the exciting world of racing. Upgraded mechanics, updated cars and dozens of exciting features will give you a taste of Formula 1 life.🏍New Season.
Be transported to the world of Formula 1 cars with a lineup of 20 professional F1 drivers and 10 F1 teams. Race for fun or create your own team and climb up the career ladder in My Team and Career modes. Race on the famous Formula 1 circuits, which have been realistically recreated and are now more exciting than ever! Interact with pit stops, shaping laps and safety cars just like in real championships!✔️Additional information:1️⃣ Activation region: Region Free ( All languages)
2️⃣ Platform: Origin
3️⃣ Type: Digital Key [ Key will be displayed on the screen after payment, as well as delivered to the mail ]/delivery/attention


09.11.2022 23:32:23
Огонь! Код получил через пару минут! Немного пришлось поволноваться, но терпимо.