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To pay💸 with a bank card, we recommend choosing the payment service - there is no commission❕😉💢By purchasing FORTNITE CREW from us, you get monthly rewards:
➖ Current Season Battle Pass
➖ Crew Pack (Fortnite Crew Exclusive) - worth at least 1500 V-bucks
➖1,000 V-bucks every month!❕You will need your Microsoft (xbox) account login details to activate
❗Even if you don´t have an XBOX, buying from us you can get a subscription to any platform you are interested in❗❗PLEASE NOTE❗❗✅After payment you will receive a UNIQUE CODE (https: // It, along with the mail and password from the Microsoft account, must be reported to the operator in the "Correspondence with the seller" section.✅
Password 123456Qwerty🍀🌞attentiondelivery🔺 Don´t have a Microsoft account?
- After the purchase, you will be provided with detailed instructions on how to create a Microsoft account and how to link it to EPIC GAME/attention/deliverydeliveryattention🔻 Why do you need data from a Microsoft account?
- FORTNITE CREW is purchased from the official Fortnite store through a Microsoft account. After the purchase (if the accounts are linked) you will receive the currency on your EPIC GAME account and can spend it at any time/delivery/attention
💥For a positive review, you will receive a gift card in the amount of 3% of the value of the goods💲💲💲
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31.01.2023 23:18:13
Сделали все быстро, рекомендую./ Everything was done quickly, I recommend.
31.01.2023 22:55:09
Все прошло отлично за пару минут
31.01.2023 22:08:47
31.01.2023 21:06:23
Все сделали достаточно быстро, спасибо большое, продавец имба)
31.01.2023 19:09:30
Всё быстро и чётко!!!
31.01.2023 18:54:26
Всё отлично!
31.01.2023 18:45:27
Всё чётко
31.01.2023 17:56:00
Всё топ!
31.01.2023 17:53:53
Всё прошло успешно, но пришлось ждать полтора часа пока оформят подписку спасибо продавцу за данный товар...
31.01.2023 16:30:08
Беру второй раз, все супер, спасибо!