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🔥 INSTANT GOODS ISSUED AFTER PURCHASE! 🔥Immediately after payment, you will automatically receive a login \ password from the account with the purchased game.

✅ Access to the game and account FOREVER!
✅ Works all over the world
✅ Lifetime warranty
✅ Deluxe Edition / Access to all DLC (see edition comparison)
✅ 100 legal and safe🎁 For a positive review, you will receive a gift certificate (cashback) for other purchases, as well as a promo code for a discount on any of my products!
🎁 There may be other games on your account, they are a gift!✔️ Included:💜 Game:
- God of War Ragnarök. DELUXE EDITION (for PS4/PS5)

⭐ DLC:
• Armor "Dark Valley"
• Robe "Dark Valley" (cosmic item)
• Ax handle "Dark Valley"
• Handles for blades "Dark Valley"
• Digital. graphic album by Dark Horse
• Official Digital Soundtrack❗ LANGUAGES:• Subtitles:
Russian, English, Arabic, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), Croatian, Czech, French, Greek, Spanish, Dutch, Japanese, Korean, German, Polish, Portuguese, Thai, Turkish, Hungarian, Italian

• Voice acting:
Russian, English, Arabic, Polish✍ HOW DOES IT WORK?- Attention! This is NOT a game key, the game is not attached to your personal PSN account.
- By purchasing this product, you will be able to download the game from your account and play it for an unlimited amount of time, install fresh patches
- Saves are stored on your console, no one can overwrite/delete them.
- It´s 100% safe, the game was bought legally, at the Seller´s own expense.deliveryattention🟢 FEATURES OF THE LAUNCH METHOD (OFFLINE ACTIVATION)/attention◾ You get a common account with the game, the period of use is unlimited.
◾ You can use a personal account or any other, turn on the Internet
◾ There are other people on your account besides you, there may be a queue to start the game.
◾ You need to start the game strictly from the purchased account, with the Internet turned on, and turn it off after starting the game./deliverydeliveryattention✍ STARTING INSTRUCTIONS:/attention1. You go to the account with the purchased game, download it and run it. If no one is playing the game, the game will start.
If at this moment one of our clients is playing, you will have to wait until the account is free.

2. After successfully launching the game, you must turn off the Internet so that you are not kicked out of the game when one of the other clients logs into your account. This is how you reserve your seat. After about an hour, you will need to confirm the license, about which a notification will appear. You just need to turn on the Internet for 10 seconds, then turn it off and you can continue to play.

Thus, the possibility of account downtime is excluded if someone launches the game due to unscrupulous clients and leaves, for example, for a walk, leaving the game turned on./delivery
🔴 ATTENTION!• There may be temporary problems with entering the game due to the fact that someone is already playing, claims about this are not accepted, because. account is for sale
• There is no Playstation Plus subscription on the account (if you have a subscription, it will also apply to our account)
• It is forbidden to make an account home
• It is forbidden to change account data and / or resell them, otherwise we will write to support and your console will be blocked forever
• It is forbidden to log into your account from any device other than the console (or through a browser)
• It is forbidden to install on more than one console
• It is forbidden to link bank cards or PayPal accounts
• The account is NOT transferred to your ownership, access to the mail is not provided.
• The work of the DLC and the game itself is guaranteed only at the time of purchase, if in the future the developers will block (even partially) this way of launching the game - no claims will be accepted.
❌ You can not delete the purchased account from the console, otherwise you will lose access to the game!

If they are violated, the seller has the right to block your access to your account, without a refund.
❗ If you are not satisfied with these conditions, do not purchase the product!/delivery


02.03.2023 8:39:04
Продавец молодец! Все отлично! Прошел первую часть , и до второй все хотел добраться!
13.01.2023 19:30:57
Ну что можно сказать, вроде аккаунт рабочий, ну нужно ждать как в магазин за хлебом, купил вчера и так и не играл в игру, когда можно будет проиграть без понятия, думайте люди 👱перед как взять акк, ждать, и ждать и ещё придется ждать
05.01.2023 13:11:20
Запустилась раз в 2 дня
23.12.2022 23:01:21
Ок ,товар соответствует своему описания
20.12.2022 18:20:39
Super good!!! Продавец просто отличный брать только здесь!!!)
12.12.2022 18:11:38
Все отлично. Но замок весь день висит уже. Но это не к продавцу) Ждем как все наиграются. Приобрел у данного продавца не первую игру-всем советую данного продавца.
12.12.2022 0:11:08
Все отлично. Продавец отвечает на все вопросы. Пришлось немного подождать чтоб пропал замок с игры
04.12.2022 22:56:30
всё отлично работает скачивайте)
20.11.2022 23:01:43
К продавцу вопросов практически нет, все прошло гладко. А вот к даунам, купившим аккаунт и не выключающим интернет после запуска игры их куча.
17.11.2022 19:13:23
Все супер!