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_ ⚡️BENEFITS⚡️ _
- Security. The entrance takes place without the use of third-party programs;
- Cheaper than on Steam;
- The account will be delivered instantly to the specified e-mail<
Product warranty 14 days.

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⚡️ Do not leave negative feedback, just write to the seller, we will definitely help!
⚡️ It is forbidden to change account data! Nick Avatar! Changing the data will void the warranty!
⚡️ Accounts can be limited in accepting people as friends.
⚡️ The account may not be in Russian.
⚡️ If you topped up the balance and after that the account stops working, then there is no guarantee for the balance.
⚡️ I do not replace accs when you receive VAC\Patrol
⚡️ VAC bans are possible but not on all games! You will definitely get one full game!
⚡️ Accounts may have Steam Guard and email confirmation attached, but this will not prevent you from playing. "If you have any problems, please contact the correspondence with the seller."
⚡️ Online STEAM/GAMES are not guaranteed.
⚡️ If the account already has activity not from you, this is not a reason to replace it.
⚡️ Access to the mail is not provided.
⚡️ The presence of other paid games is not guaranteed and is not a prerequisite, if you received something on your account, this is as a bonus!!!

⚡️⚡️In order to receive a gift you need:⚡️⚡️
🟢 Leave positive feedback.
🟢 Write in correspondence with the seller "I want a gift"
🟢Working hours from 12.00 to 01.00 Moscow time🟢

For a long time we have been delighting our customers with games at the best prices and with the best quality, and we will continue to do so!
All our products are guaranteed!
In case of problems, everything you need - happens to us.
We will promptly respond to you and you will be satisfied!

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14.03.2023 22:18:42
Продавец дал аккаунт, через час поменял пароль и не выходит на связь.
14.03.2023 15:42:17
были проблемы с аккаунтом,но продавец решил их,так все устраивает,но без смены данных
12.03.2023 0:49:02
Все топ продавец дал замену
09.03.2023 11:21:11
Продавец ответил и дал другой аккаунт
06.03.2023 19:22:02
Всё отлично, мне понравилось качество товара
05.03.2023 11:16:47
Всё работает, жалко нельзя ничего изменить
01.03.2023 20:25:46
for now all good
01.03.2023 20:25:42
for now all good
01.03.2023 10:28:23
Хороший покупатель
22.02.2023 20:08:57
Оставлю хороший отзыв в надежде что мне быстро ответят)