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🎮Shared Xbox One/Series X|S account

✅Guaranteed access to your account - 6 MONTHS


1) Assassins Creed III
2) Assassins Creed Valhalla
3) Assassins Creed Odyssey
4) Borderlands 3 Ultimate Edition
5) Dark Souls 3 Deluxe Edition
6) Dying Light Definitive Edition
7) GTA V
8) Immortal Fenyx Rising
9) Mad Max
10) Metal Gear Solid V
11) Metro 2033 Redux
12) Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate
13) Mortal Kombat 10
14) Nickelodeon All Stars Brawl
15) Nickelodeon Kart Racers 2
16) Overwatch 1
17) Rayman Legends
18) Red Dead Redenption 2
19) Resident Evil 2
20) Sekiro Shadow Die Twice
21) Sniper Elite 3
22) Sponge Bob: Battle for Bikini Bottom
23) TES V: Skyrim
24)The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Game Of The Year Edition
25)Metro Exodus Gold Edition
26)Metro: Last Light Redux

1.Play from the purchased Account
2.Download game demos, buy games or subscriptions from the purchased Account
3.Login on devices other than the XBOX One console
5.Try to change any data on the Account
6.Use an Account on more than one console
7. SELL / EXCHANGE / TRANSFER data from the Account to third parties

✳️The way to play on the account: Parental control

Instructions for logging into your account:

1. Press the "Guide" button; 2. Select "+ Add new player"; 3. Enter the received data (login and password);
4. After you find yourself on the page with a request to enter, the request number is in the upper left corner and consists of large English letters and numbers.
5. On the page with the data from the account, send a message to the seller where the login request number is visible, the seller will approve it and you will be on the account.

Instructions for downloading and launching games:

1️⃣ First you need to link the console to your profile.
First you need to install the XBOX app on your phone.
After installing the application, log into it with your personal profile account.
You need to do this from the console.
In this sequence:
Settings➡️Devices and connections➡️Remote functions➡️Enable remote functions and confirm everything.

2️⃣Now let´s move on to downloading the game to the console (before checking how much free memory is on your console)
Steps to download the game:
In the search, find the game you need➡️ Click "Download to console"➡️Choose the console on which we will download the game.➡️The final step is to click on the "Download" button in the menu that appears on the screen.➡️The game is already downloading.

Instructions for launching games from the account are sent in correspondence with the seller upon request


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Отличный продавец. Все написал ,рассказал.Поддерживает связь.
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Продавец отзывчивый. Все объяснил. Товар в отличном состоянии.
05.12.2022 21:05:24
Хорошая цена и за такие игры. И очень хорошая тех. поддержка. Помогли решить проблему
01.12.2022 15:36:39
Спасибо, аккаунт топчик